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Thank you for supporting Lucky Barbecue & Noodle House during this difficult time!  We will prepare your order as soon as possible and we will keep it at the front counter for you until you come to pick it up. 

If your ordered during peak times (12-2pm or 5-6:30pm) please allow 15 minutes for your order to be ready.  When you arrive, please keep social distancing practices in mind and then wait to tell the cashier your name and they will give you your order when it’s ready.

If you made a large order with many items you may want to check that everything is included.  We strive for 100% accuracy and speed, but it’s always good to be sure if you have everything if you have driven some distance to pick up your order.

In the event that we are out of a particular item that you ordered we will attempt to reach you by the phone number you provided where we can exchange an item or refund that item or the order.  If you feel your situation was not handled well please send email to info@luckybarbecue including your phone number and we will work to resolve your situation or understand your experience better.